El Dorado Sunset

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Winter is about to heat up with the release of Quebecois artist Boogat's first full-length Spanish-language album. El Dorado Sunset out in stores since February 12th, 2013 through Maisonnette. The record is subtitled El gran baile de la identidades, perfectly expressing the theme at the heart of the album: identity. (Translation: The grand ball of identities)

Three years have already gone by since Boogat's participation on Poirier's song Kalima Shop Titi, released by the Argentinian label ZZK Records. From then on, the relevance of creating an album in Spanish, that also reflects a multicultural Quebec, has been confirmed time and time again on the road. In order to do so, Boogat enlisted many collaborators of diverse origin. Local acts, such as Radio Radio, Poirier, Kid Koala, Karim (from the group Syncop), Serge Nakauchi Pelletier (from Pawa Up First) and Chele & Madhi (from Heavy Soundz), add their special touch to El Dorado Sunset, alongside other artists like Schlachthofbronx (Munich, Germany), Javier Estrada (Monterey, Mexico), Thornato (NYC), El Kool Kyle (Oakland, California) and Lido Pimienta (Columbian based in Toronto).

The result is festive and colorful: a true celebration of cultures and multiculturalism. The opus talks about the nightlife and love, but first and foremost tackles the complex subject that represents identities in a world in migration, in which borders gradually melt into each other. I dug up the best from our Quebecois and Latino culture to create an identity with a deep geographical, artistic and social meaning, says BoogatEveryone needs to find their own paradise, their own meaning of life, their own identity... their own El Dorado. He gives us a snapshot of being Latino in Montreal, spitting fire-en-Español with a Quebecois twist. Boogat’s sharp-tongued lyricism flows over globally sourced rhythms that range from revivalist cumbia, to bass heavy dance floor beats and boom-bap hip-hop.

With El Dorado SunsetBoogat is ready to bring his forward thinking Tropical sound to a dance floor near you.


Boogat is a French Canadian Spanish vocalist who truly represents the future of Latin Music. El Dorado Sunset follows up his three previously released albums in French. During the past three years, he has released two free mixtapes and one EP, and has collaborated with many musicians from all around the world. His collaboration with Mati Zundel on the song El Alto De La Paz, released on ZZK Records, was chosen by NPR as one of their 100 favorite tunes of 2011. Nominated at the JUNOs (with Roberto Lopez Project) and ADISQ, Boogat is a young promising artist who's already played some major international festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Fest, Festival d'été de Québec, Toronto Small World Music Festival and Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

Upcoming shows

La Petite Boîte Noire
9:00pm - All Ages