Gabriel L.B. Malenfant (G.L.B.M)


AboutGabriel L.B. Malenfant (G.L.B.M)



Gabriel L.B. Malenfant was born on the east coast in Moncton, the land of Acadie, which is known for its vast forests and beaches, as well as its fiery people who are full of celebration and raw energy. Gab has been channeling that vibe since 1997 (the year he bought his first turntables) by hosting DJ nights like Party of Peuples, Boxing Day Reggae Dub Night and Sexy Folie, under his former moniker dj tekstyle.

In 2007, he founded the group Radio Radio with his Nova-Scotia friends. Initially, he took on the role of turntablist, and later became a lead MC. Together the electro-rap ensemble released five albums, toured across Canada, U.S, France, Belgium and China, received several awards (including the ADISQ and the ECMAs), and were even short-listed for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize.

During his sets, expect a mix of sexy, upbeat, psychedelic grooves that will whip the crowd into a tribal frenzy. He may even give a sneak peek of his next album, Conspiring Universe.