Rich Aucoin presents his new video for Want To Believe

Rich Aucoin is very excited to present his new video for Want To Believe, from his album Ephemeral, available in stores, on bandcamp and iTunes via Bonsound. Rich and director Jason Eisener both grew up with movies like The Monster Squad, The Goonies, The Sandlot and The Explorers, and they wanted to create their own kids adventure. Starring the Halifax-born artist as Detective Wolfe, the video packs an epic storyline into three short minutes of reckless imagination.

It was incredibly fun to make, says Rich Aucoin. Shooting all night till dawn with a youthful excitement of creating something in the vein of so many of our favourite films. I hope people enjoy the hard work of so many people who put this labour of love together. Oh, I also hope that putting my real phone number in the video turns out to be a good idea!

In times like this/I wanna be a believer!, Aucoin shouts on the exuberant anthem mixed by Grammy Award winner Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk). It’s not surprising that he means all times. I want to believe, he says, and am on a quest to try to have as many experiences as I can to elicit belief.

Praise for Ephemeral

Ephemeral is an all killer, no filler affair - Exclaim!
this disc stands on its own as a platter of party anthems ready to serve - Pop Matters
the Halifax-based pop maestro creates massive chant-alongs capable of filling a room with kinetic energy - VUE Weekly
Ephemeral is a dose of bright light with wattage unmatched - Gray Owl Point
The 10 tracks are energetic, contagious and have an intense narrative arc - The Coast
Ephemeral rarely slows down to take a breath, bashing out the go-big-or-go-home jams one after the other - FFWD
Even-keel playing field for people who want to vibe out and high-five strangers - Noisey
The most upbeat record of 2014 - Uptown
His new record might be called Ephemeral, but Aucoin's towering presence in Canadian music is anything but - Postcity
Ephemeral should provide kindling for dance parties far into the future - Prairie Dog

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