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If you haven’t heard of BEYRIES yet, you gonna love who she is. George Stroumboulopoulos, The Strombo Show

L’un des meilleurs disques de l’année produits au Québec Katerine Verebely, Gravel le matin


BEYRIES' songs are without pretension, and tend to bring people together with their universal and timeless themes. Her music is captivating and takes us back to what is essential: the heart.


Today BEYRIES announces a beautiful cinematic video collaboration with photographer (and first time music video director) Shayne Laverdière for her song Same Light. They filmed the video by mounting a russian arm (a flexible, stable camera system) onto the roof of a mobile platform to capture fast-moving images. The results are extremely powerful, just like the the breathless song that accompanies them. What I like about this concept is the hope and positive feeling that can linger after viewing it, explains the photographer. Well-known director of photography André Turpin, and actors Laurence Leboeuf and Pierre-Yves Cardinal also worked on the Metafilm-produced video.

Shayne Laverdière's CV speaks for itself - he’s a photographer who has an ongoing creative partnership with Xavier Dolan, and who works with leading magazine publications, fashion brands and celebrities. Over the last three years, he has led campaigns for international brands such as Louis Vuitton and Marco Polo. His work has been published in some of the world’s most reputable magazines, including American Vogue, L’UOMO Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Produced by Alex McMahon, Landing is an 11-track album which includes a french song called J'aurai cent ans. Written by Maxime Le Flaguais, the song was composed with the help of Louis-Jean Cormier, who also lent his voice to the touching duet. The recording has been named Découverte francophone by the Radios francophones publiques (Radio France, Radio-Canada, Radio-télévision Suisse and Radio-télévision Belge) for November and December 2016. Landing is available to pre-order now on Bandcamp and iTunes.

BEYRIES has followed a path scattered with many enriching professional experiences but also pitfalls. Cancer struck her life twice in her late twenties. Having missed out on many milestones, BEYRIES took shelter in music, which has been a part of her life ever since her childhood. Determined, the self-taught artist rediscovered a passion.

Via her manager, her songs found their way into the hands of talented musician and producer Alex McMahon. He was immediately struck by the deeply moving melodies, before learning her identity. The meeting between the two artists proved significant for the young woman.

They produced five songs over the summer of 2015, and a year later produced four more. Then BEYRIES began to work on the art of performing live. She embarked on a cross-country road-trip to play as much as she could; in bars, in little venues, and at outdoor festivals. Her first big show was opening for Martha Wainwright and the FME Quartiers d’hiver in March 2016. She has opened for Groenland, Safia Nolin and Kandle, and her songs have been licensed by television series such as Mémoires Vives (Radio-Canada), This Life (CBC), and Saving Hope (CTV). She also sang a sample of Je pars à l'autre bout du monde (music by Paul Daraîche / words by Isabelle Fiset) for the popular series Unité 9 (Radio-Canada).

On Landing, BEYRIES delivers a collection of songs that are sometimes tender and sometimes intense, though always without pretension. They draw in audiences by using the power of universal themes like the quest for identity, human relationships, letting go, courage and acceptance. BEYRIES now allows herself to be authentic and free.


BEYRIES is a singer-songwriter and self-taught musician born in Montreal. La Presse’s Émilie Côté has described her music, saying that a peaceful strength springs from her voice and comforting melodies. She took refuge at an early age in the beauty of her family piano which became a reassuring and immersive soundtrack for her childhood. Several years later came the desire to share and convert the vestiges of her past into lyrics and melodies.

The result is soft and intense music that is also touching and powerful. Her songs are without pretension, and tend to bring people together with their universal and timeless themes. Her music is captivating and takes us back to what is essential: the heart.

Upcoming shows

15February | Saturday

Sainte-Thérèse, QC

Cabaret BMO|8:00pm - All ages

Latest release

Si j'étais un homme - Single

Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville
Festival BESIDE
3:00pm - All ages
Scène Québecor (église)
Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac
10:00pm - All ages
Scène Loto-Québec (Wellington/Galt)
Montreal Jazz Festival
9:00pm - All ages

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