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With their mandate to get people shakin', Creature has been building up quite a storm around the four corners of the planet, with their explosive concoction of pop, hip-hop, new wave and dance-punk. Get ready to dance!

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In a word: huge. Not only did they fill the stage at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, they filled the air, they filled the night with pounding beats, sexy dance moves, the 'Tower of Power' horn section and slap-you-upside-the-head star power -make that, superstar power. This local band has hit their stride and on Wednesday night at the Bell Groove stage, dished out a massive dose of the drug they've got fans in France and China addicted to. I smell rehab for Montreal.Natasha Hall, July 2009, The Gazette
Redoutable machine à tube, Creature baisse parfois le tempo avec l'hypnotique It's over ou le délicieusement surjoué Property, digne d'une comédie musicale. Loin de toute gravité, parfois un rien téléphoné, No sleep at all annonce la couleur : grâce à ces euphorisantes Creature vous n'êtes pas prêt d'aller vous coucher.Ludovic Basque, Août 2009, RFI Musique France
Montreal dance-rock foursome Creature came out swinging in the opening slot, winning over the eager audience with the punchy songs from its upcoming full-length album, due March 5. Playing to its biggest crowd yet, the band delivered an entertaining set that kept kids cheering all the way through.T’Cha Dunlevy, January 2009,The Gazette
Their music is an arch, arty strain of spiffy, spiky, highly danceable pop-rock, speckled with retro flavoured raps and riffs crafted with enough care to make mainstream waves [...]Rupert Bottenberg, March 2008, The Mirror
With Ho’s flashy guitar work and smooth croon, Iwanicki’s effervescence, and the band’s dapper fashion sense and giddy stage presence, Creature rides the line between rock, dance, music, pop and early hip-hopT’Cha Dunlevy, March 2008, The Gazette
Irrésistible invitation à la danse, la première production du quatuor est fidèle aux spectacles jubilants qu’il offre depuis plusieurs mois dans les clubs de la province.Kathleen Lavoie, Mars  2008, Le soleil
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