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Emilie Kahn
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Jodi Heartz and Alex Blouin
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Jodi Heartz and Alex Blouin
Bao Ngo

Montreal harpist Emilie Kahn has released Outro in 2019, the lush follow up to 2015’s 10 000. Formerly known as Emilie & Ogden, Kahn’s latest is a shimmering collection of indie pop teeming with adulthood’s melancholy. Having shed any monikers, Outro is Emilie’s pained exit from youth, an honest accounting at once anthemic and intimate. Produced in collaboration with Warren C. Spicer of Plants and Animals, Outro is a fearless pop record from an artist determined to swing for the fences.

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Kahn is a gifted singer and songwriter. She knows it, too, and in the best possible way

Flood Magazine


TIME Magazine

A hypnotic voice

Hello Giggles

Kahn’s angelic voice works as well as any instrument could, and her intricate harp work proves that she doesn’t exist as a reincarnation of [Tori] Amos or [Joanna] Newsom, but a newer, more modern variety.


... She has a clear point of view, and whatever else happens here — the album’s producer, Jesse Mac Cormack, contributes banjo, guitar, bass and synthesizer — it always boils down to her voice and her instrument, a relationship that’s anything but fickle.

New York Times

Ce premier effort offre une base prometteuse pour la suite des choses.

La Presse