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Herman Dune

Herman Dune

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Next Year In Zion

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Next Year In Zion

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Often tagged as some kind of ‘anti-folk’ outfit thanks to a stripped-down set-up and friendships with the likes of Kimya Dawson and Jeffrey Lewis, Herman Dune’s Next Year In Zion is more of a collection of well-crafted pop songs than a DIY hotchpotch. Although retaining a characteristic air of bittersweet melancholy thanks to the plaintive tones and deft wordplay of singer David-Ivar Herman Dune, this is a decidedly upbeat affair too, an album with love and light pushing almost all the heaviness from its heart.MOJO
Their wry lyrics and storytelling are charming and heartfelt.KCRW
Blissful, fairytale-esque songs.KEXP
While critics have classified Ivar’s ironic wryness as “freakfolk,” there’s nothing freaky about his lamenting love songs. The melodic compositions are unantagonistically pretty, with female-voiced choruses regularly adding angelic fragility to Ivar’s plaintive everyman voice.HEEB
There’s witty dialogue, there’s hearsay, there’s putting words into mouths, there are hearts on all sleeves, there are gleeful rushes where everything feels possible, there’s longing and there’s mighty optimism in every second of these songs that are folky and triumphant in their simplest attributes. Herman Dune dares us to find reasons to just be glad for sunshine.DAYTROTTER
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