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Lesser Evil
Ebru Yildiz
Ebru Yildiz

Lesser Evil is Ariane and Christophe, who grew up strangers in houses next to one another in the same small town, met years later and morphed into a haunted two-headed beast of a musical duo as if it was always in the cards. Driven by Ariane's vocals, Christophe's electronics and a shared propensity for refined-meets-broken production, they plumb the depths of sound and mind in ways equally intense, intricate and immediate.

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[...] le duo propose ici quatre chansons captivantes, toutes menées par un désir d’expérimentation poussé et visiblement étoffé. Dans un genre difficile à établir, quelque part entre electronica et synth-pop psychédélique, Lesser Evil tisse un décor hypnotique et enveloppant, qui rappelle certains des meilleurs moments du chef-d’oeuvre Third de Portishead.

Olivier Boisvert-Magnen, Voir

[...] dark, mysterious, and smoky, pulling from surf, psych, ’60s orchestral pop (Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker), jazz, and other sounds you could imagine David Lynch smoking to. Singer Ariane M has the perfect voice for this kind of stuff that sounds vintage and modern simultaneously. Lesser Evil are reminiscent of a lot of artists — Broadcast, Portishead, Roisin Murphy to name three — without ever actually sounding like them. No small feat.

Brooklyn Vegan