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Marie-Pierre Arthur
Jean Philippe Sansfaçon
Jean Philippe Sansfaçon
Jean Philippe Sansfaçon
Jean Philippe Sansfaçon
Philippe Richelet
Philippe Richelet

Marie-Pierre Arthur has been an emblematic figure in Quebec's music scene for over 10 years. After touring the roads of French-speaking territory with her three albums, she felt the need to slow down in order to explore different ways of composing, playing and singing. Marie-Pierre, an instinctive, percussive, talented and fragile woman and artist, comes back more creative than ever after these last years of reflection. Her fourth album, Des feux pour voir, revolves around family, love, music, friendship and the passage of time. As life settles into a routine, everything become boxed in, striving to repel the feeling of limits that threatens its present and future world. Marie-Pierre Arthur accompanied by her friends and musicians, Sam Joly and Robbie Kuster on drums, François Lafontaine on guitar / keyboard and Nicolas Basque on guitar deliver a new concert without compromise.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Album of the Year - Alternative Award at the 2020 ADISQ gala for Des feux pour voir
  • Album of the Year - Critics' Choice Award at the 2020 ADISQ gala for Des feux pour voir
  • Nomination for Female Interpreter of the Year at the 2020 ADISQ gala