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Sur la scène, ils chantent vite, tapent avec force sur les tambours et hochent du chef au rythme de leurs compositions faites d’un rock cathartique. Tout ça en français, merci beaucoup. (…) les deux frères derrière Ponctuation, sont de vrais esprits rock. Sophie Chartier, Le devoir

There’s always been a rawness and fearless authenticism to French artists that I have always admired and it was no different with this band. Their sun-kissed tunes were perfect for the place they were playing. Tiana Feng, Ride the Tempo


Ponctuation is set to release their third record, Mon herbier du monde entier, an album as rich and diverse as the vast world of botanical species via Blow The Fuse on February 23rd.



Ponctuation just released their third record, Mon herbier du monde entier, an album as rich and diverse as the vast world of botanical species. Brothers Guillaume and Maxime Chiasson explore a rich garage-rock sound and a thorny, punk-psych groove. Mon herbier du monde entier is now available on vinyl, CD and digitally via Blow The Fuse.

Ponctuation recently shared a video for the song Exil. Created and directed by Guillaume Chiasson, the video was filmed over the past two months, and portrays how much winter gets under our skin (especially this year). About the video, singer Guillaume Chiasson said: we filmed it with a Super 8 camera, showing one guy’s attempt to leave the city and exile himself to a wintery, Quebec forest, while another guy takes it easy on his own in Mexico. Watch and share the music video for Exil via YouTube.

The album launch parties will take place in Montreal on March 1st at La Sala Rossa and on March 2nd at Le Pantoum in Quebec city.

The album, written and produced by the band, materialized during a year filled with moves, breakups and tours, putting the band in a sort of semi-exile from society. Mon herbier du monde entier digs into disruptions, the unexpected and happy accidents. The songs erupt with clashes between expectations and perceptions.

The music came about during a week of jam sessions at the Pantoum studio in July 2017. Antoine Tardif (of Canailles) joins the band on the base for two songs, Trois semaines and Exil, and beefs up the rhythm with ingenious, hymnic, pop riffs. Mon herbier du monde entier celebrates the flower, the fruit, the accomplissement, and expresses an ode to the renewal.


Ponctuation, founded by brothers Guillaume and Maxime Chiasson, released their debut album 27 Club in March 2013, which they recorded on tape at studio Hotel2Tango in Montreal with Howard Bilerman. Their music’s raw energy and catchy melodies transfer brilliantly to their live performances, and the brothers have performed at many large-scale festivals such Pop Montréal, Festival d'Été de Québec, FrancoFolies de Montréal, NxNE, Sappy Fest, FMEAT, Osheaga, Canadian Music Week and TransMusicales de Rennes (France). 27 Club earned them a nomination for Rock Album of the Year at the ADISQ Gala, and three GAMIQ nominations for Rock Album of the Year, Discovery of the Year and Show of the Year. In March 2014, Ponctuation won the Emerging Francophone Artist of the Year award at the SiriusXM Indies.

Two years after the release of 27 Club, the brothers ramped it up with their self-produced album La réalité nous suffit. Shifting from heavy garage rock to psychedelic slacker-punk, the project possesses the same vivacity as their first effort. La réalité nous suffit was released on April 28th 2015. Recorded live on-they-fly on a Tascam 388 in St-Roch, Quebec City, the tracks ooze with poetry, confidence and distortion. The album gave them the opportunity to return to Europe and work with Casbah Records. They ultimately got a GAMIQ nomination for Best Rock Album of the Year, and won the GAMIQ for Best Album Cover of the Year (designed by Louis-Alexandre Beauregard and Thomas B. Martin)

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