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P'tit Belliveau
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Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz
Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz
Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz
p'tit belliveau - main rétroviseur
Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz
P'tit Belliveau - voiture crocs
Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz
P'tit Belliveau - assis dans voiture
Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz

P’tit Belliveau’s debut album, Greatest Hits Vol.1, is out today on all music services and on CD/LP via Bonsound.

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Press Quotes

...the record we didn't know we needed.

Sara Barrière-Brunet

P'tit Belliveau offers a unique proposition. ****

André Péloquin

P'tit Belliveau [...] can sing about black bears, boats in the bay or blowing his income tax return on booze and Taco Bell all the while bringing the funk with banjo-fuelled bluegrass and disco-driven country.

Darcy MacDonald

P'tit Belliveau's strange country-folk-electro world is certainly an inviting one [...] it's a riot to witness. 7/10

Sam Boer

A big concentrate of happiness and joy... It's cool, smart and polished.

Tatiana Polevoy

P'tit Belliveau, it's happy, it's deep, it's pop, it's country, it's everything we want in 2020.

Nicolas Ouellet