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P'tit Belliveau
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Érika Essertaize
Érika Essertaize
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Érika Essertaize
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Érika Essertaize
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Érika Essertaize
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Érika Essertaize
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Érika Essertaize

Jonah Richard Guimond was 11 years old when he found a guitar in his parents' closet and unwittingly became P'tit Belliveau. Since then, the singer-songwriter from the small francophone community of Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia, has tackled music with never ending candor and an unconventional spirit.

In 2017 and 2018 P'tit Belliveau released three quirky, electronic-inspired country/bluegrass EPs. In 2019, he was selected as one of three Francouvertes finalists, cementing his reputation in the public eye as a playful, skillful musician. The next year, with the help of producer Emmanuel Éthier, he released Greatest Hits Vol.1, an undeniably rich debut album that earned him Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the GAMIQ awards and Best Album Production at the ADISQ Gala.

In 2021, the multi-instrumentalist offered a tribute EP to the late Baptiste Comeau. Now, the confidence that comes with experience, P'tit Belliveau presented his sophomore album Un homme et son piano, on April 1st 2022 via Bonsound. Through his Twitch channel, which he uses to create beats and interact live with his fans, the artist continues to combine both analog and electronic elements with a natural ease that never ceases to impress.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Winner in the category Outside Québec Album/EP of the Year for ... chante Baptiste, GAMIQ (2021)
  • Nominated in the category Music Video - Critics’ Choice for Cool When Yer Old, GAMIQ (2021)
  • Nominated for the SOCAN Songwriting Prize for Income Tax (2021)
  • GAMIQ Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year (2020)
  • Felix Award for Best Album Production at ADISQ (2020)
  • Nominated on the Polaris Prize List for Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (2020)
  • Nominated for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at ADISQ (2020)
  • Nominated for Alternative Album of the Year at ADISQ (2020)
Press Quotes

...the record we didn't know we needed.

Sara Barrière-Brunet

P'tit Belliveau offers a unique proposition. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

André Péloquin

P'tit Belliveau [...] can sing about black bears, boats in the bay or blowing his income tax return on booze and Taco Bell all the while bringing the funk with banjo-fuelled bluegrass and disco-driven country.

Darcy MacDonald

P'tit Belliveau's strange country-folk-electro world is certainly an inviting one [...] it's a riot to witness. 7/10

Sam Boer

A big concentrate of happiness and joy... It's cool, smart and polished.

Tatiana Polevoy

P'tit Belliveau, it's happy, it's deep, it's pop, it's country, it's everything we want in 2020.

Nicolas Ouellet