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slickly polished production, which rivals any Top 40 hit […] top-notch musicality. 8/10 Kyle Mullin, Exclaim!

Radio Radio « live » est une toute une expérience à vivre Julien Babin,

[Radio Radio]’s vibe is refreshing in a pop music landscape dominated by self-seriousness. Graeme Wiggins, Beatroute

Leur formule avec musiciens est franchement réussie. (FrancoFolies de Montréal) Philippe Papineau, Le Devoir

AboutRadio Radio

Making waves across the country and beyond, the electro rap of the Montreal-based Maritimers Radio Radio is living proof that language barriers don't exist when it comes to their eclectic French-Acadian lyrics and contagiously fun hip-hop beats.


With four full-length albums and hundreds of shows under their belt, Radio Radio returns with Light the Sky, released on February 19th, 2016 via Bonsound. Having grown up in an environment where Anglophones rub shoulders with Francophones on a daily basis, the Acadian duo now offers their first album entirely in English.

Gabriel L.B. Malenfant and Jacques Alphonse Doucet celebrate life with their music. The energy is palpable in this joyful album full of rhythms and hip-hop/electro melodies created by Shash’U (Fool’s Gold Records), DJ Champion, J.u.D. and Alex McMahon (who also produced the album).

Radio Radio’s fifth album once again travels across unique, but familiar, worlds. Songs like Busy and Happy Hustler reference life in the fast lane, while Sweater Weather delves into relationship complexities and Remodel (Mike Holmes) mockingly pays homage to home renovations, a common reality for some in their mid-thirties.


Since their first releases Télé Télé EP (2007) and Cliché Hot (2008), Gabriel Louis Bernard Malenfant (NB) and Jacques Alphonse Doucet (NS) have impressed journalists and the public alike with their catchy hip-hop/electro-flavored hooks. With their second album Belmundo Regal, short-listed for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize, the Acadian duo won many awards, such as an Independent Music Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album (2011), a Miroir for Best Hip-Hop/Urban Performance at the Festival d'été de Québec, and a Révélation Musique 2010-2011 Radio-Canada title, as well as a Félix for Hip-Hop Album of the Year for their third full-length, Havre de Grâce (2012).

After conquering the city (Cliché Hot), the sea (Belmundo Regal) and the stars (Havre de Grâce), and thus closing the first chapter of their story, the band wanted their next album to capture the energy of their live shows. The result is Ej feel zoo, released on March 2014. Having grown up in an environment where Anglophones rub shoulders with Francophones on a daily basis, the Acadian duo then offered their first album entirely in English, titled Light the Sky, in February 2016. The music on this latest album was produced by Shash’U, DJ Champion, J.u.D. and Alex McMahon.

Over the past few years, Radio Radio has become a must-see act, having performed at, amongst others, the FrancoFolies de Montréal, the Festival d'été de Québec, the Festival International de Louisiane, SXSW, and the CMJ Music Marathon, as well as numerous festivals in France and Belgium.

Upcoming shows

13September | Friday

La Baie, QC

Bistro Café Summum|8:00pm - All ages

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Light the Sky


Radio Radio

La BaieQC
Bistro Café Summum
8:00pm - All ages

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