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  1. BBZ
Release Info
  • Release DateOctober 13th, 2021
  • CatalogBONSG089
  • LabelBonsound
  • FormatDigital
About the Release

BBZ tells the story of forbidden love at first sight between two unavailable people who experience mutual feelings during a trip. “Am I crazy to want your babies?” is such an over the top/ridiculous lyric, but Claudia felt like it expressed how blindly lustful you can be when you want what you can’t have. Co-written by Claudia, David Charles Fisher (DCF) and Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Ralph) in an apartment in Toronto, the song weirdly came together with just bass and vocals, writing to the main bass riff. After producing a handful of different versions, the track finally took shape when drummer Max Bellavance (Chiiild, The Brooks) comedically played a double time Warped Tour-aspiring punk groove over the reggae-esque bassline. Doubled with guitars and synths that are voluntarily out of tune, and covered with obnoxiously autotuned back vocal layers, Claudia plays into the irony of the lyrics with a sarcastic take on punk attitude.

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