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Le Montréalais **Ghislain Poirier**, nouveau visage du label Ninja Tune, est obsédé par les « gros beats sales » et c’est pourquoi il crée un hip-hop déconstruit aux accents ragga, grime et techno.

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#10. Ghislain Poirier No Ground Under (Ninja Tune) #10. Ghislain Poirier No Ground Under (Ninja Tun
»``«_ He's been called Montreal's answer to Diplo, but as he proves here, DJ-producer Ghislain Poirier has his own thing going on. »_
«_ Timbaland, Pharell, vous êtes out. Faites de la place à Ghislain Poirier, producteur hip hop de la plus obtuse espèce (celle qui porte casquette de trucker et barbe négligée), remixeur extraordinaire, G.O. des soirées Bounce le gros au Zoobizarre et prochaine sensation de la planète club... _»
** ** _« His collaborations and remixes tend to be uniformly fierce and furious; he knows how to prop up whoever has the microphone... »_
_« French-Canadian producer Ghislain Poirier has constantly surprised us over the years with his back-and-forth IDM, techno and hip-hop guises. Now he returns with an incredible mix of everything, including abstract electro tracks and guest MC spots from Beans and Omnikrom. »_
** ** ** ** Ludovic Basque, RFI _« With jack-knifing collisions of Grime, hip-hop, dubstep, soca, good-time pop and anything else he fancies, DJ Ghislain Poirier has built his Bounce le Gros club night into a local institution. Irreverently and hedonistically crashing through genre boundaries, it’s one of the best parties around. Much like his turntable style, Poirier’s interpretive techniques are unfussy, straightforward and hugely entertaining, relying more on dancefloor-oriented intuition than tricksy manipulation. »_
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