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Duchess Says
Philippe Beauséjour
duchess keyboard
Philippe Beauséjour

Duchess Says nous offre un répertoire de chansons moog rock très imagées et des performances incroyablement intenses. La formation a comme mandat de décontextualiser le rock et de promouvoir simultanément sa Church of Budgerigars.

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Extraits de presse

“Negative Thoughts,” a six-minute thunderstorm that builds slowly before unleashing torrents of distorted guitars, crashing drums, sirens, and the dynamo that is singer Annie-Claude Deschenes. You can almost hear her whipping a crowd into a frenzy.

Brooklyn Vegan

The band are nearly a household name in the Montreal underground, but they still haven't made a name outside of the city which, frankly, is shocking...Their arty synth punk is part Devo, part Black Flag and part B-52's, the kind of skewed pop that only musicians raised on experimental music could make.


That commotion turned out to be singer Annie-C Deschênes of Duchess Says, a one-woman mosh pit of sorts. She raced around like the Tasmanian Devil, alternately hugging and punching, and wrestling people while shrieking along to her band’s aggressive no wave. At the end of the set, Annie-C organized a race among audience members, who gleefully ran around the periphery of the lot.


You heard Devo in’ve heard songs by Suicide. Then you know what Duchess Says sounds like. The songs are short, the game is tight, and the visual aspect is astonishing.

The New York Times

Hyped up keys and defiant drums perfectly capture the essence of the '80s on Montreal band Duchess Says' new single I Repeat Myself.