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Bonsound is a music company founded in 2004 and based in Montreal, Canada. Bonsound is at the service of the artists it works with and does not own their intellectual property. Bonsound offers a full range of professional and personalized services to contribute to the sustainable development of the careers of original and authentic artists.

We are a record label, music publisher, booking agency, concert producer and artist management team. We also run two sublabels: Make It Rain and Blow the Fuse records.


Founding partners

Gourmet Délice (ext. 222)
Business Development Director

Jean-Christian Aubry (ext. 223)
Label Director

Yanick Masse (ext. 225)
Tour & Concert Production Director

Artist Management

Vanessa La Haye (ext. 261)
Artist Manager

Lina Kachani (ext. 264)
Artist Manager

Roxanne Lehoux
Artist Management Assistant


Marie-Eve Rochon (ext. 227)
Head of licensing and publishing

Xavier Germain Poitras (ext. 233)
Licensing & Publishing Coordinator


Jérémie Pelletier (ext. 224)
Label Manager

Valérie Bourdages (ext. 269)
Artist Development Manager

Hugo Jeanson (ext. 231)
Label Marketing Manager

Santiago Orozco
Visual Content Producer

Publicity & Promotion

Romanne Blouin (ext. 259)
Head of publicity and promotion

Jean-Philippe Camirand
Social Media Coordinator

Thomas Chenel
Publicity and promotion

Cecilia Piga
Publicity and promotion Assistant


Mathieu Rousseau (ext. 226)
Booking Agency Director

Patrick Naud (ext. 258)
Booking Agent

Samuel Francoeur-Chalifour (ext. 266)
Booking Agent

Laura Marais (ext. 236)
Booking Agent

Yaël Barouh (poste 237)
Booking Agency Coordinator

Dorothy Theodore
Booking Agent Assistant

Tour Production

Sophie Bernier-Blanchette (ext. 232)
Tour Production Manager

Anne Lauzière (ext. 267)
Tour Production Manager

Stephanie Soueidi
Tour Production Manager

Félix Bécotte
Tour Production Coordinator

Chloé Gervais
Tour Marketing Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Marie-Lise Boulianne (ext. 229)
Finance & Administration Director

Elizabeth Varvaro (ext. 230)
Label Administrator

Marianne Turgeon (ext. 265)
Tour Accounting Administrator

Angélique Reculeau (ext. 257)
Label & Publishing Accounting Administrator

Olivier Brouillette-Deblois (ext. 260)
Tour Administrative Assistant

Office & Staff

Eric Tremblay (ext. 268)
Office & Staff Manager

Francis Joly (poste 221)
Inventory & Shipping Assistant

How to contact us?

Press & Media

Visit our artists section to get general information about them (bio, discography, press quotes, pictures, videos, etc), If you still can't find what you're looking for or if you have an interview request, contact us at


To book one of our artists, send a proposal to

Demo Submissions

Email your best songs and information to, please do not follow up with a phone call or an email. Send streaming or video links only, no attachments or zip files. We do not accept physical submissions. If we like what we hear, we will get in touch.

Everything Else

Send your requests, suggestions, critiques and threats to


160 Saint-Viateur Street East, suite 400
Montreal, QC, Canada, H2T 1A8
+1 (514) 522-5672