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September 8th, 2021

Safia Nolin unveils the new single 1000 and announces the pre-order for her EP SEUM

Safia Nolin
September 3rd, 2021

Jean-Michel Blais unveils murmures and announces a tour starting in February 2022

Jean-Michel Blais
September 1st, 2021

Les Louanges presents Chaussée, a single with an assertive groovy feel

Les Louanges
August 25th, 2021

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu releases Persona, a shoegaze single inspired by analytical psychology

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu
August 25th, 2021

Laurence-Anne unveils a DIY music video for Strange Feeling and announces tour dates slated for this fall

August 12th, 2021

Franky Fade releases the single Rewind, along with a music video inspired by television classic MTV Cribs

Franky Fade
August 10th, 2021

Safia Nolin unveils her new grungy single PLS and announces her upcoming EP

Safia Nolin
July 20th, 2021

A new Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu remix by Tim Hecker

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu
July 8th, 2021

Les Deuxluxe present Lighter Fluid Live, a glamorous and spectacular musical experience

Les Deuxluxes
June 23rd, 2021

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu present a remix of their song My Love by Young Marco

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu
June 16th, 2021

Sophia Bel releases the new explosive post-pop-punk anthem I Don’t Need My Space

Sophia Bel
June 10th, 2021

Franky Fade unveils Vertige, his first single via Bonsound

Franky Fade
June 9th, 2021

Safia Nolin returns with her new single Rue de l’ours

Safia Nolin
June 3rd, 2021

Paul Jacobs joins the roster of Bonsound’s booking agency

Paul Jacobs
May 27th, 2021

Bonsound annonce la signature de Dany Placard au booking

Dany Placard
May 26th, 2021

Lisa LeBlanc unveils Bonsoir Moreau, a collaborative single with Salebarbes

Lisa LeBlanc
May 26th, 2021

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu release a remix of Renegade Breakdown by Jessy Lanza and announce a tour

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu
May 25th, 2021

Franky Fade joins Bonsound

Franky Fade
May 14th, 2021

LUMIÈRE releases his debut album A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R

May 12th, 2021

LUMIÈRE unveils a music video for LE.DÉFI.DE.L’AMOUR


Safia Nolin unveils the new single 1000 and announces the pre-order for her EP SEUM

Today, singer-songwriter Safia Nolin releases 1000, the second single off SEUM, her upcoming EP to be released on October 29th via Bonsound). Just like PLS which came out in August, 1000 comes in two versions: a ‘sunset’ melancholic indie-rock version recorded in the studio with a three-piece band, and a ‘sunrise’ version recorded at Parc Jean-Drapeau on a grey June day. Minimalist at its core, the latter solely features the musician and her acoustic guitar, along with the ambient sound of the surrounding nature.

The ‘sunrise’ version for 1000 is a result of a collaborative work with the band - consisting of Jean-Philippe Levac (drums), Agathe Dupéré (bass) and Marc-André Labelle (guitar) - that accompanied Safia Nolin in the studio. After the singer-songwriter presented them with a stripped-down, guitar-vocals version of the track, the trio of musicians worked together on the arrangements.

The touching lyrics of the song allude to Safia's difficult past year. The music video that accompanies the single reflects this idea and incorporates the practice of music as a form of therapy. Created by Safia Nolin herself, it features footage of people crying and is dedicated to every person who has been there for her lately.

In the same spirit as 1000 and PLS, SEUM's other songs will also be available in two versions echoing the duality that inhabits the artist. Co-produced by Safia Nolin and Félix Petit (Les Louanges, Laurence-Anne, Hubert Lenoir), the upcoming EP differs from her signature acoustic formula that launched her career. Surrounded by a band for the first time in a recording studio, she delivers four new compositions that mix grunge, indie and pop influences, while simultaneously pushing her limits as a singer-songwriter using various instruments and a plurality of sounds.