Dead Obies win 4 prizes at GAMIQ

Dead Obies win 4 prizes at GAMIQ

While they were on a plane flying to France, Dead Obies won four awards at the GAMIQ, which honours Quebec independent music. They were awarded trophies for Rap Album of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (Montréal $ud) and Show of the Year.

The boys are currently in France where they will be performing in seven cities, including a stop at the Trans Musicales in Rennes.

Upcoming shows
12/02 Lille, FR // La Péniche
12/04 Rennes, FR // Ubu (Trans Musicales de Rennes)
12/05 Sannois, FR // EMB
12/06 Paris, FR // Flèche d'Or
12/09 Dijon, FR // La Péniche Cancale
12/10 Laval, FR // 6 Par 4
12/12 Nancy, FR // L'Autre Canal

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