Dead Obies: the Making of Gesamtkunstwerk

During the production of their three sold-out shows at Phi Centre in October, Dead Obies shot a 21-minute documentary about the creation of Gesamtkunstwerk. This second album was recorded in part in studio and in part in front of a live audience at Phi Centre. The documentary Dead Obies in Gesamtkunstwerk: ein dokumentarfilm is streaming now on YouTube.

The album Gesamtkunstwerk will be released on March 4th via Bonsound. It’s available now for pre-order on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Tour Dates
03/10/16 Montreal, QC // Le National (Tickets)
03/12/16 Gatineau, QC // Petit Chicago (Tickets)
03/17/16 Saguenay, QC // Côté Cour (Tickets)
03/18/16 Quebec City, QC // Le Cercle (Tickets)
03/19/16 Sherbrooke, QC // Boquébière (Tickets)
03/24/16 Saint-Hyacinthe, QC // Le Zaricot (Tickets)
03/25/16 Terrebonne, QC // Théâtre du Vieux Terrebonne - Salle du Moulinet (Tickets)
03/26/16 Joliette, QC // La Mitaine (Tickets)
03/31/16 Trois-Rivières, QC // L’Embuscade Café Galerie (Tickets)
04/21/16 Victoriaville, QC // Le Carré 150: Cabaret Guy Aubert (Double bill w/ Milk & Bone) (Tickets)

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