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Dominic Berthiaume
Dominic Berthiaume
Dominic Berthiaume
Corridor pneus
Dominic Berthiaume

Corridor est un quatuor montréalais formé de Jonathan Robert (voix, guitare), Julian Perreault (guitare), Dominic Berthiaume (voix, basse) et Julien Bakvis (batterie). Après un EP, deux albums et plusieurs tournées en Europe et aux États-Unis, le groupe dévoilera Junior, son troisième album, le 18 octobre 2019.

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Extraits de presse
The Montreal band Corridor knows how to highlight its strengths while getting in and out of a song with maximum efficiency: Sung in French, "Coup d'épée" only needs a little more than two minutes to let its robust guitar sound — a kind of weaponized jangle — fully worm its way in your head.NPR Music
Supermercado is the best French record of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and even 2022 (for all we know, at least, since I doubt the Earth will explode exactly at midnight on January 1, 2022, even if it's a possibility we shouldn't ignore).VICE
Their jangly, synth-pop-tinged sound will entrance fans of the genre and post-punk newbies alike. On their latest LP, Supermercado, post-punk fans will gravitate towards their tight, neat percussion and spasmodic guitars while others will get lost in their bright vocals and spellbinding soundscapes.PASTE
Corridor sing entirely en Français. Don’t let that put you off though: the creativity and abundance of killer tunes found on their acid-baked 2017 album Supermercado breaks through the language barrier. Corridor are even better live, with a real joie de rock that knows no borders — guitars slash, harmonies soar, bodies a constant blur.Brooklyn Vegan
Gérance:Heavy Trip
Spectacles:Heavy Trip