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Dominic Berthiaume
Dominic Berthiaume
corridor - 2024 main
Dominic Berthiaume
Corridor 2024
Dominic Berthiaume

Following the release of Junior in 2029, Mimi, is a huge step forward for the band, whose members themselves have undergone the type of personal changes that accompany the passage of time. These eight songs reflect a newfound and contemplative maturity, as Corridor is branching out more than ever with music that’s richly detailed, resulting in a record that feels like a fresh break for a band that’s already established themselves as forward-thinkers.

Mimi immediately recalls the best of the best when it comes to indie rock—Deerhunter’s silvery atmospherics immediately come to mind, as well as the spiky effervescence of classic post-punk—but despite these easy comparisons, Corridor remains impossible to pin down from song to song, which makes Mimi all the more thrilling as a listen.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Nominated in the category Group or Duo of the Year, ADISQ 2021
  • The music video for Topographe featured on Vimeo’s Staff Picks, 2019
Press Quotes

Junior est un trou noir où passé, présent et futur ne font qu’un. Entre pop sixties, krautrock, rock psychédélique et post-punk, les Canadiens brassent les époques et absorbent les genres. Ils déforment les rythmes, se jouent des cadences, allant jusqu’à brouiller toute notion de temps et d’espace.

Les Inrocks

It’s an infectious, unique sound that needs no translation.

Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

De la mécanique de haute précision.


[...] shaggy but tightly composed, chiming guitars gradually building momentum and adding layers upon layers. With all that towering confidence, despite being delivered in entirely in French, it [Topographe] feels like reaching toward the sun.


Domino is a mighty guitar pop epic.

Clash Magazine

Le brillant groupe montréalais vient encore de nous surprendre avec un disque de rock parfait [Junior]. Que demander de plus?

Tony Tremblay, ICI Musique