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  1. Phase IV
  2. Mon Argent
  3. Jump Cut
  4. Caméra
  5. Chenil
  6. Porte Ouverte
  7. Mourir Demain
  8. Pellicule
Release Info
  • Release DateApril 26th, 2024
  • CatalogBONAL103
  • LabelBonsound
About the Release

The follow-up to 2019’s Junior, Mimi is a huge step forward for the band, as the members themselves have undergone the type of personal changes that accompany the passage of time. The eight songs composing Mimi reflect a newfound and contemplative maturity, as the quartet branches out more than ever with music that’s rich in detail. The result is a record that feels like a fresh break for a group that’s already established itself as innovative/foward-thinking. Corridor remains impossible to pin down from song to song, which makes Mimi all the more thrilling as a listen.

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