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Lucie Bascoul
Lucie Bascoul

blond is a singer with an androgynous voice. Inspired by psychedelic and ambient pop sounds, his tone mixes with melancholic pianos carried by warm and catchy rhythms. In his tracks, he lifts the veil on his shyness and invites us in a journey, mixed with love and family ties.

His first EP Pour la vie entière, released in September 2022, is an introspective journey. blond speaks to us with an open heart about his sensitivity, his loves and his hidden memories, without ever really lifting the veil. Of modesty and good manners, he has it, for sure. Softness too. But the contrast between the truths he depicts and the clarity of his voice, comes to seize the emotions in flight.

Pour la vie entière delivers a sincere self-portrait, that of a person of his time, with male and female accents, with a deep and wounded sensitivity, caught up by his idealism. Even if these choices of life will have sometimes led him on crossroads, the love and the music, it is for the whole life!

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