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Eleni Mandell
Max Gerber
Max Gerber
Max Gerber
Max Gerber

Inspired by her experience teaching composition in a women's prison, Eleni Mandell's 11th studio album, Wake Up Again, is a set of personalized musical portraits and vignettes.

The album highlights the artist's strengths as a writer and performer, having started under the guidance of Chuck E. Weiss, Tom Waits and other prominent columnists.

Wake Up Again is an in-depth examination of the lives and minds, the regrets and hopes of those she met, but ultimately of her and us.

Eleni Mandell is undoubtedly one of California's best-kept secrets. With several remarkable albums to her credit, the talented American singer-songwriter has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, Europe and Canada, seducing increasingly large audiences.

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