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Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille
FELP face
Louis Robitaille
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Louis Robitaille

If the Quebec music scene is currently going through such an exhilarating period, it is thanks to talented and versatile creators such as Félix Petit (aka FELP).

In addition to making a name for himself by working closely with some of the most brilliant Quebec artists of our time (Les Louanges, Hubert Lenoir, Safia Nolin) and by creating soundtracks for TV series and movies (Les Fourchettes, Love & Lajoie), the producer and multi-instrumentalist now also takes on the role of a beatmaker and composer for his solo project.

Born in 1990 in Besançon, France, Félix Petit moved to Montreal at the age of 18 to attend a jazz interpretation program at university. After founding the Dondepiano collective, he went on to showcase an audacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, soul and electronic music on the two self-produced EPs, Étendu jouer (2015) and Chocolop (2017).

In June 2023, FELP released his debut album HELP, on which he surrounds himself with friends from the local scene such as Klô Pelgag, Greg Beaudin, Hubert Lenoir and Laurence-Anne.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Nominated in the category Experimental Album or EP of the Year for HELP, GAMIQ (2023)
Press Quotes

[FELP] pose de nouveaux repères, nous offre des mélodies déconstruites. C’est du beau travail.

Nicolas Ouellet, ICI Musique

Une vraie tête de musique, bourrée de bonnes et audacieuses idées.

Philippe Renaud, Le Devoir

Dense et résolument expérimental, HELP allie audacieusement électro, jazz, hip-hop et R’n’B, genres coexistant au sein d’ambiances smooth […] serties d’envolées de saxophone, tantôt frontales, tantôt évanescentes.

Caroline Bertrand, Journal Métro

[Un] album contemplatif et fascinant. (8/10)

Les oreilles curieuses

HELP is a woozy, trippy, highly nuanced affair, unstuck in time and unencumbered by pretense or pomp, and structured such that listeners might find any number of moments in the groove to lend their attention.

Cult MTL

HELP [a] tout de l’œuvre d’une insatiable tête chercheuse, qui puise à la fois dans l’IDM, l’acid jazz et le hip-hop, avec en sus un saxo ne dédaignant pas quelques élans free.

Dominic Tardif, La Presse