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Jean-Michel Blais
William Arcand
William Arcand

Jean-Michel Blais is a pianist from Montreal, Canada. His enchanting instrumental compositions pair the melodic pop sensibilities of Amélie-era Yann Tiersen and Arts & Crafts alumni Chilly Gonzales with the breathtaking technical skill of classical minimalists like Philip Glass and Erik Satie. As a follow-up to the sublime Il and Dans ma main, Blais released a new album entitled aubades on February 4, 2022 on the MKX/Decca and Arts&Crafts labels.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Winner of the Felix for Album of the Year - Instrumental for aubades at the 2022 ADISQ
  • Nominated at the 2022 ADISQ for Album of the Year - Popular success for aubades
  • Nominated at the 2022 ADISQ for Artist of the Year - International Exposure
Press Quotes

A fragile and beautiful piece of music.

Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC6

Blais's compositions can be as poignant as they are playful, mixing together accessible melodies with experimental flourishes.


A succinct collection of minimal piano compositions that runs the gamut of human emotions: hope, sadness, joy and fear.


“Landscape” is one of the most unequivocally gorgeous covers imaginable.


It invites you to take a moment and recognize there’s still plenty of beauty left in the world - Top 10 Album Of 2016 for II.


Another intimate masterpiece. 9/10 - Dans ma main

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Booking (Quebec)Bonsound