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12October | Saturday

Gatineau, QC

Minotaure|8:00pm - 18+

18October | Friday

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

Le Zaricot|9:00pm - 18+

19October | Saturday

Frelighsburg, QC

Beat & Betterave|9:00pm - All ages

Les Breastfeeders c’est l'incarnation du rock'n'roll._ 

Philippe Renaud, La Presse

Ma Mort D'avant Ma Mort finds Les Breastfeeders showing a little "progression". Moving away from the band's signature wild '60s punk sound, this track takes the psychedelic garage route with elegantly hypnotic guitars, great-sounding harmonies, and a toe-tapping beat that is very hard to resist.
Faster and Louder

AboutLes Breastfeeders

Montreal rock ‘n’ roll outfit Les Breastfeeders has been playing their explosive garage rock around Quebec for almost 20 years. They've toured their fiery performances across Europe as well as some of the biggest cities around North America. Les Breastfeeders follow their own path, still blowing away audiences six strings at a time!



After a long break, Les Breastfeeders are back for the first time since 2011 with two new songs, released via Blow The Fuse Records. Honouring Quebec’s francophone garage-rock tradition, the Montreal rock ‘n’ roll landmark unveils one original song and one cover translated into French.

On the single Ma mort d’avant ma mort, they move away from their usual abrasive, punk sound to focus on hypnotic guitars and magnetic vocal harmonies. With lyrics ranging from resentment to sadness, the song tells the story of a broken heart that slowly withers away. Tu n’es pas celle que tu croyais, tu es comme celles que tu détestes / Et dans ma vie devenue immonde, je m’éteins à chaque seconde, sings Luc Brien.

With Hey, petite fille, a cover of Sweet Young Thing by The Chocolate Watchband, Les Breastfeeders stay true to the original version without falling into the trap of pastiche. The frenetic rhythm, combined with the strong percussions, will inevitably have you stomping your feet. Careful not to damage your dancing shoes!


Established as one of Montreal’s most ferocious rock ‘n’ roll acts, Les Breastfeeders have been lighting up bars, venues and festivals everywhere in Quebec for almost two decades. Since the beginning, the garage rock outfit caught the public eye with their electrifying and forceful performances. Although the band has been more discreet recently - while still keeping busy building other empires, dressing the wounded and closing ranks - they still performed at key times, sharing the stage with rock ‘n’ roll legends like The Sonics and MC5. They’ve carried their heavy artillery to the biggest cities in North America and on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, destroying everything in their path, including the language barrier.

Les Breastfeeders not only distinguish themselves with their dazzling guitars and catchy choruses, they also wield the pen like no other french-speaking rock ‘n’ rollers. Thanks to their raw songwriting and sophisticated lyrics, the energetic garage rock sextet will have you questioning everything while dancing the night away.

The band has released three albums, all of them via Blow The Fuse Records. Their latest one Dans la gueule des jours, which was preceded by Les matins de grands soirs (2006) and Déjeuner sur l’herbe (2004), earned them a trophy for Rock ‘n’ Roll Album of the Year at the GAMIQ awards in 2011.

After a few lineup changes, Les Breastfeeders now consist of Luc Brien on guitar and vocals, Suzie McLelove on guitar and vocals, Joe Gagné on bass, David Deïas (Mystic Motorcycles and Yardlets) on lead guitar, Maxime Hébert (The High Dials, Beat Cops and many more) on drums and of course, the unforgettable Johnny Maldoror on tambourine!

Upcoming shows

12October | Saturday

Gatineau, QC

Minotaure|8:00pm - 18+
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Ma mort d'avant ma mort

Les Breastfeeders

L'oeil de la tempête
8:30pm - All ages

Les Breastfeeders

Auberge Festive Sea Shack
10:00pm - 18+

Les Breastfeeders

Stade Mémorial Percival-Molson
Halftime show
4:00pm - All ages

Les Breastfeeders

Café culturel de la Chasse-Galerie
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Les Breastfeeders

8:00pm - 18+

Les Breastfeeders

Le Zaricot
9:00pm - 18+

Les Breastfeeders

Beat & Betterave
9:00pm - All ages

Les Breastfeeders

La Petite Boîte Noire
9:00pm (doors at 7:30pm) - All ages

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