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On pense au Brad Mehldau Trio ou au défunt E.S.T. pour établir certains repères. Rythmique à l’avant-plan, schémas harmoniques ouverts, sens du punch, il y a au sein du groupe une cohésion et une interaction renforcée depuis l’époque TJB. Il y a surtout un goût d’exploration fort stimulant. Guillaume Bourgault-Côté, Le Devoir

Misc has certainly crafted its overall sound well. The playing is assured and confident, and the group makes a clear and creative case for exploring the intersection of indie rock and jazz. Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen




Jazz band Misc (formerly known as Trio Jérôme Beaulieu, and named Radio-Canada’s Breakthrough Jazz artist for 2013-2014) released their self-titled album on March 18th, 2016 via Bonsound. The album is available online (Bandcamp, iTunes and all the other digital platforms) and in stores.

The new album is the result of a true collaboration between the three musicians. In a more elaborate way than the two previous albums, they each contributed to the rythmic, melodic and harmonic arrangements to create an unique sound that sets this trio apart from the rest.

All three artists set the foundations of Misc during a residency at the Equivocal Manor in Burgundy (France). Pianist Jérôme Beaulieu, lover of the great outdoors, contributes majestic melodies to the project. Drummer William Côté adds a subtle, spirited rhythm while double bassist Philippe Leduc brings out the playfulness of each track.

Over the last 3 years, Misc has been the house band for the Slamontréal night at O Patro Vys. These experimental sessions, in collaboration with spoken word artists, shaped some of the songs on the album, like Les années molles.

The trio have also re-interpreted the work of some of their favourite artists, including Blonde Redhead, James Blake and Daniel Bélanger. The musicians had a lot of fun breathing a new kind of life into these three distinct songs. Misc’s music often combines the worlds of both original compositions and covers.

Misc holds a place in the Jazz scene because of the vital role that improvisation occupies in their music. However, this does not stop them from drawing on influences from pop and rock genres.This clearly mark a step towards a new generation of jazz musicians for whom catchy, strong melodies and rhythms expand musical boundaries while rooting the music in the present. Therefore this album, much like the live performances of Misc, strives to create an energetic and active dialogue between the listener and the music.


After several concerts across Canada and Europe, Misc (formerly known as Trio Jérôme Beaulieu, Radio-Canada's 2013-2014 Jazz Revelation) launched their third album on the Bonsound label in early 2016. If the trio of Quebec-based musicians hail from the jazz tradition considering their vocabulary and the importance of improvisation throughout their music, they are clearly not limited to it with regards to their artistic direction, flirting mainly with pop and rock music and using a wide range of dynamics and effects throughout their work. For their self-titled show, the band keeps pushing the envelope and turns to electronic music for inspiration to create new hybrid sounds in an acoustic setting.

Last summer, as a special order of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, they covered UK electronica artist James Blake for a show; this material is now part of their repertoire and will be joined by older compositions as well as newer electronic-inspired material.

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