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Pierre Kwenders
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Afro-Canadian singer/songwriter Pierre Kwenders’ music is a response to a world that so often asks people who fit comfortably in multiple boxes to pick only one. While Pierre’s music ranges from icy R&B to futuristic hip-hop, his style is rooted in Congolese rumba, the ubiquitous sound of The Democratic Republic of Congo. With his new full-length album, MAKANDA at The End of Space, the Beginning of Time, Pierre looks to build on the success of his debut. Produced entirely by Seattle-based Fly Guy Dai (aka Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces), this new album pivots from Bantou's housey thump to something more instrumental, incorporating strong African influence and old-school West Coast hip-hop vibes into Kwenders unique recipe.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Félix Award for World Music Album of the Year at the 2018 ADISQ Gala for MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time
  • Winner of the Electro Album of the Year Award for Le Dernier Empereur Bantou at the 2015 GAMIQ
  • Felix Award of Music Video of The Year at the 2015 ADISQ Gala
  • Nominated at the 2015 ADISQ Gala for Music Video of The Year and World Music Album of the Year
  • Nominated at the 2015 GAMIQ for Artist of the year and Electro Album of the Year for Le Dernier Empereur Bantou
  • Winner of the Espoir FEQ 2015 Prize
  • Nominated at the 2015 SOCAN Song Prize with Mardi Gras
  • Nominated at the 2015 Polaris Prize Long List
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Press Quotes

Pierre Kwenders’ second album, produced by Shabazz Palaces’ Tendai Maraire, is a wildly inventive, globe-spanning triumph.

Jonathan Zwickel, Pitchfork

[…] la magie de Pierre Kwenders […] tient à cette façon de multiplier les registres sans se disperser, sans brouiller les pistes. Pierre Kwenders a toujours fait de la pop, en fait. Mais une pop quasi expérimentale à force de tester l’improbable, le jamais fait avant.

Les Inrocks

À la fois subtil et percutant, ce métissage pourrait positionner Pierre Kwenders parmi les artistes les plus intéressants de la diaspora africaine en Occident.

Alain Brunet, La Presse

The style of the Congolese-Canadian Montrealer is a trippy mash of circling African motifs, old-school hip hop, sophisticated R&B and slyly thumping house music. […] At the end of space and the beginning of time, Kwenders has carved out a distinctive new niche.

The Globe and Mail

Il est canadien mais invente l’Afrique électronique, peut rapper en cinq langues et s’imposer en première partie d’Arcade Fire. [...] Dites bonjour à Pierre Kwenders, votre nouvelle obsession.


[Pierre Kwenders] demonstrated an awareness of the value of stage pageantry, and hinted at a wellspring of power from his excellent sophomore album MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time: his sincere belief that connection, between seemingly disparate musics and people, is possible.

ManagementHervé Kalongo