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Lian Benoit
Lian Benoit
Lian Benoit
Lian Benoit

Pomme started penning the songs for her album Consolation shortly after receiving the award for Female Artist of the Year at the French Music Awards (Victoires de la Musique) in February 2021. Released in August of 2022, the new album follows her acclaimed sophomore effort Les Failles, released in 2019.

The new project alternates between discussions about her childhood and the women that inspired her, two themes that logically come together under the creative spark of Claire Pommet, aka Pomme, also credited as producer.

If Les Failles already signalled Pomme's aspirations for self-empowerment and writing her own music, Consolation sets her on another level as an artist and producer, confident and determined to prove she hasn’t run out of ideas. The intricate and perplexing Consolation expresses the joy that stems from grief and thereby marks the rebirth of Pomme from her beautiful ashes.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Female Artist of the Year Award at the 2021 Victoires de la Musique
  • Album Revelation of the Year Award at the 2020 Victoires de la Musique awards for Les Failles
Press Quotes

Une maturité musicale étonnante (…) un élégant premier EP

Les Inrocks

Pomme nous laisse bouche bée devant son talent naturel et inné (…) Elle ne cesse de nous faire voyager

Virgin Radio

Des textes sublimes (…) Pomme va rapidement prendre de la hauteur

Madame Figaro