Yann Perreau's Le fantastique des astres is out now

Yann Perreau's Le fantastique des astres is out now

Le fantastique des astres, Yann Perreau‘s fifth album, is available now online (Bandcamp / iTunes) and in stores!

An artist continuously growing in boldness and maturity, Yann Perreau is back in fine form with this fresh new album full of heartfelt and well-crafted lyrics set to lively, groovy music. Le fantastique des astres was created in the heat of the moment as both a joyful celebration of life as well as a middle finger to modern world cynicism. With his head high in the sky, both feet on the ground, the showman has created a perfect playground for himself and his listeners.

This album was produced by Tante Blanche, an enigmatic personality and sound designer who loves mixing lots of old and new material, and includes collaborations with Laurence Nerbonne, Pierre Kwenders and Yves Desrosiers.

Yann Perreau will be playing at the Impérial Bell in Québec on April 29th and will be part of the FrancoFolies de Montreal’s 2016 indoor lineup at Club Soda on June 17th.

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