Elisapie joins Bonsound's roster and shares a song

With great pride, Bonsound announces the signing of singer-songwriter Elisapie for her next album, The Ballad of the Runaway Girl. She sought to explore her Inuit origins and has since created a contrasted and vibrant oeuvre. The album’s release is planned for winter 2018.

On National Aboriginal Day, Elisapie pays tribute to her heritage with a lively resurgence of an Inuit folk classic, Forefathers. This song written by Willie Thrasher is undoubtedly a monument of Inuit culture, a manifesto on Aboriginal peoples’ millennia-long ownership of the territory. Produced by Joe Grass, the song won’t appear on her next album. Beside Joe Grass, Nicolas Basque and Robbie Kuster are among the contributors on the piece Forefathers.

Willie Thrasher is a survivor, a resilient man. In is youth, he was send to a residential school. For me this song pays respect to our aunts and uncles who have been uprooted when they were children. This song should be our people’s anthem, says Elisapie regarding the musician poet and his work.

Forefathers is available now on all digital platforms.