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  1. Rock Band
  2. Glam
  3. Petit fruit
  4. Liszt-o-mania
  5. Chanson en péril
  6. Sacrifice
  7. À quoi tu penses
  8. Rock Steady
  9. Savoir fuir
  10. Être humain
  11. Sur un banc
  12. Maman
  13. Chapeau de roue
Release Info
  • Release DateApril 28th, 2023
  • CatalogBONAL097
  • LabelBonsound
  • FormatDigital, CD, Vinyl
About the Release

After singing about his desire for emancipation on his debut album A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R., LUMIÈRE now leaves the countryside to perform in the city with the ambition of conquering new audiences. GLAM, a 13-song concept album, was recorded in collaboration with Alexandre Martel, a prolific musician and record producer with whom LUMIÈRE had also worked on his first album.

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