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Annie-Claude Deschênes

Annie-Claude Deschênes

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Lawrence Fafard
Lawrence Fafard
Annie-Claude Deschênes LES MANIÈRES DE TABLES R&B
Lawrence Fafard
Annie-Claude Deschênes LES MANIÈRES DE TABLES caméra
Lawrence Fafard

Multidisciplinarity is an integral part of the creative process of Annie-Claude Deschênes, who continues her perpetual personal quest of uniting music and performance art by bending the pre-established conventions of stage presence. A key figure on the Montreal independent music scene for almost twenty years, she made her mark as a singer, musician, songwriter, performer and visual artist with Duchess Says and PyPy, two bands that are renowned as much for their electrifying performances as for their artistic sensibility. Her exploratory approach to staging and sound design takes a new direction with the genesis of this solo project: the urgency that characterizes her work remains, but frustration and aggression give way to introspection and vulnerability. Annie-Claude Deschênes explores and reinvents herself under her own name, driven by a constant need to create outside her comfort zone.

Inspired by minimal pop and the pioneers of electronic music, LES MANIÈRES DE TABLE, her first solo album released in spring of 2024, is as danceable and melodic as it is disquieting and dystopian, proposing to set the table differently by deconstructing the social codes of politeness imposed on us.

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These nine tracks take French, English, new wave, electro, glam, minimal wave, techno, house and a variety of other electronic pop styles and drop them into a Cuisinart.


It is both scary and sublime.

God Is In The TV Zine

C’est diablement efficace : entre autres pépites, cette Menace minimale à la rythmique persistante, les synthétiseurs dissonants desquels surgit un refrain incroyablement accrocheur.

Le Devoir

Big swinging cinematic electro-pop.


Dès les premières notes de MENACE MININALE, on est happé par le style rythmé qui oscille entre synthpop et cold-wave.

Le Journal de Montréal

Dark to the point of interstellar blackness, the charred electronics merge the digital with the analogue, producing something intense, but also profoundly revealing about its maker.

Clash Magazine