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Christian Sean is a versatile and devoted musician who can play drums, guitar, keyboard and bass, in addition to being an exceptional singer-songwriter. His double single Heavy Focus showcases his unique vocals and signature orchestral-soul pop, and gives us a foretaste of his debut album (to be released in the fall of 2019).



One year to the day after the release of his single Black For You, Christian Sean offers a new glimpse of his art with his double single release Heavy Focus. Heavy Focus features Suez and These Eyes, two songs with unique electronic vibes and interlinked themes.

The two singles were composed by Christian and recorded at Planet Studios and Ohm Studios during the summer of 2017. They showcase the artist’s unique vocals embraced by his signature orchestral-soul pop. On one end, Suez is an abstract love song about being transformed by one’s own mistakes, and pulling oneself out of darkness to become a more honest lover. Like most of the music written during that period of my life, it deals with crisis, and how some lessons can only be learned when life irrevocably removes what you have taken for granted, Christian explains. On the other end, These Eyes is a song about sex as a healing force. There are people who have a certain way of moving their body, a peculiar touch or physical energy, that's just like water. To me that's very sexual, he reveals.

Christian Sean recently performed at M for Montreal festival where he played his anthemic pop (Brooklyn Vegan). His debut album will be released in the fall of 2019.


Born from a musical family where intricate harmonies, multi-instrumental virtuosity and late night jams were commonplace, Christian Sean began playing drums, guitar, keyboard and bass, and developing a distinctive voice at a time when most other boys his age would have rather been playing video games or little league soccer. Following a trip to Brazil, he contributed to multiple projects on the Montreal indie music scene, including the band Mango Mango. Since 2016, he has joined Aliocha on stage and focused on his own solo project.

Since the release of his single Black For You (with over 125 000 streaming plays), Christian Sean has opened for several artists such as Geoffroy, Beyries and Aliocha, as well as Milk & Bone at the Halifax Pop Explosion festival, and has unveiled Heavy Focus which features two new songs. His debut album will be released in 2019.

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