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P’tit Belliveau joins Bonsound and unveils Les bateaux dans la baie

P’tit Belliveau joins Bonsound’s big family and will offer his debut album in 2020. Today, he releases the song Les bateaux dans la baie, giving us a Maritime taste of the Nova Scotian community of Baie-Ste-Marie. P’tit Belliveau is reluctant to be a spokesperson for a francophone community that is rarely heard outside of the neighborhood. Instead, he exposes several of today’s big problems in a soft manner.

P’tit Belliveau grew up in an insular francophone community surrounded by anglophones. Nevertheless, he made himself known at the 2019 Francouvertes contest, making it to the finals alongside O.G.B. and Alex Burger. For nearly a year now he has lived in Moncton New Brunswick, where he embraces his hometown’s sense of community. Lakes, fishing and nature reside at the heart of the singer-songwriter’s universe. P’tit Belliveau is the guy-next-door who will spin a tale about everyday life like nobody else. The singer-songwriter stands out with his unique brand of electro-inspired country-folk music and his cassette tape aesthetic.

Tour Dates
13/11/19 Montreal, QC - Le Ministère (Coup de coeur francophone)
16/11/19 Vancouver, BC - Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver