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P’tit Belliveau unveils a video for L’eau entre mes doigts, from his debut album

P’tit Belliveau’s debut album Greatest Hits Vol.1 is out today on all music services via Bonsound. CDs and vinyls can be purchased on Bonsound’s online boutique. Co-produced by P’tit Belliveau and Emmanuel Ethier, and mixed by Samuel Gemme and Ethier, Greatest Hits Vol.1 is a purposeful compilation of simple and comforting stories about the sea, and fighting small battles without making waves.

P’tit Belliveau also unveils a new video for the track L’eau entre mes doigts, created by Vincent Bilodeau. In the animated video, we follow the protagonist’s epic underwater journey. As his life flashes before his eyes, his body and face transform. L’eau entre mes doigts explores how time passes too quickly, an observation that pushes P’tit Belliveau to face his everyday shortcomings. He sings J'aurais jamais cru qu'être adulte ç'aurait 'té si tant d'pression / J'travaille comme un animal su'l'chantier d'construction (I never would’ve thought that being an adult would mean so much pressure / I work like an animal on the construction site), using his trademark candor to face life’s failings.

Watch and share the video for L’eau entre mes doigts via YouTube.
The album Greatest Hits Vol.1 is available on all music services.
To celebrate his album release, P’tit Belliveau will play a solo set live on his Facebook page on Wednesday, April 1st at 5pm (ET).
Tour dates will be announced as soon as possible.

L’eau entre mes doigts is the third single off the album, following Les bateaux dans la baie and the disco-synth-country track Income Tax (the video has 45 000 views). On Greatest Hits Vol.1, P’tit Belliveau says things in his own way and plays an impressive range of instruments. He brings his story to life with a mix of banjo and electronica that transcends both genre and language. The singer-songwriter’s distinctive vocabulary paints a portrait of a young mind preoccupied by the hazards of adult life, and his lyrics embrace a genre that is continuously evolving.

Hailing from Baie-Ste-Marie, Nova Scotia, P’tit Belliveau grew up in an insular francophone community surrounded by anglophones. Nevertheless, he made himself known at the 2019 Francouvertes, a French-language music contest, where he reached the finals alongside O.G.B. and Alex Burger. For nearly a year now he has lived in Moncton, New Brunswick, where he still embraces his hometown’s sense of community. Lakes, fishing and nature reside at the heart of the singer-songwriter’s universe.

Music took root in his heart thanks to Baie-Ste-Marie’s local community radio station, where he gathered the first snippets of what would become his style. They often played DIY songs, which influenced P’tit Belliveau’s own lo-fi sounds, along with his desire to put drum machines front and center in folk/bluegrass songs. Hip-hop and electro music also found a place in his life, and early on he felt a calling to perform behind the DJ booth. He produced beats for rappers with one hand and collected banjos and guitars with the other. He eventually chose the country music path since words came to him more easily within that genre.

P’tit Belliveau is the guy-next-door who will spin a tale about everyday life like nobody else. The singer-songwriter stands out with his unique brand of electro-inspired country-folk music and his cassette tape aesthetic.