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Lisa LeBlanc unveils Bonsoir Moreau, a collaborative single with Salebarbes

Thanks to their Acadian roots and a shared passion for Louisiana music, Lisa LeBlanc and Salebarbes teamed up to offer their own version of the Cajun classic Bonsoir Moreau. The song, originally from singer and fiddle player Canray Fontenot, is Lisa’s first new single in almost five years and is out today on Bonsound.

During a visit to Blackpot Camp in Eunice, Louisiana, a place that offers workshops on Cajun music, dance and cooking, the Rosaireville-born artist first learned about this song, which instantly became one of her favourites. Bonsoir Moreau - which means "Good night bartender" - is the perfect song to cover with her friends from the band Salebarbes. They recorded the song remotely, over the winter of 2021, while in lockdown in their respective homes. Lisa first sent a guitar-vocals version to the members of Salesbarbes, who then added their own twist. They were so pleased with this creative collaboration, initially recorded for fun, that Lisa decided to release the song.

Watch and share the art track for Bonsoir Moreau via YouTube.
Bonsoir Moreau is available now on all music services.

Using fiddles typical to Cajun and Acadian music, Lisa flirts more than ever with her heritage. This is our humble tribute to the Cajun music of our southern cousins by a gang of northern Acadians, she explains. We are all lovers of our Acadian culture and I find it fascinating the history, similarities (and kinship!) that link us with Louisiana. Many of my happiest moments in life were spent there, so I have a very special bond with that place.