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  1. Fantôme
  2. Mornin'
  3. Polymorphe
  4. Flores
  5. Citadelle
  6. Oniromancie
  7. Supernova
  8. Politesse
  9. Ombre sur toi
  10. Préserver le coeur
  11. Vitesse
Release Info
  • Release DateSeptember 8th, 2023
  • CatalogBONAL098
  • LabelBonsound
  • FormatVinyl, CD, Digital
About the Release

On Oniromancie, Laurence-Anne dives deep into the nocturnal world, moving seamlessly between sweet dreams and paralyzing nightmares. Produced alongside François Zaïdan, this album further pushes the groundwork established on her previous releases, proving to be denser and darker, while still remaining faithful to her penchant for creating a conceptual and immersive universe. Through a combination of dream/art/synthpop with coldwave and experimental influences sprinkled in here and there, Laurence-Anne creates eleven distinct landscapes. The result is a dreamy and intimate record on which she opens up more than ever whilst still deepening the mysterious aura that surrounds her. Drawing from the depths of her creator's subconscious, Oniromancie manages to spellbind listeners by revealing a universe that exists only to those who lend an ear.

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