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  1. Cowgirl Radio
Release Info
  • Release DateSeptember 20th, 2023
  • CatalogBONSG140
  • LabelBonsound
  • FormatDigital
About the Release

Escape the city's grip with Cowgirl Radio, an anthem fuelled by untamed desire. Lyrics paint vivid scenes of nature's beauty, inviting you to embrace wide-open spaces, feel the sand and sun, reject all compromises, and surrender to the call of adventure. Claudia Bouvette’s and producer Connor Seidel’s heartfelt direction embodies nostalgic pop music, blending bold drum machines and captivating synth leads, crafting an ethereal opening chorus that defies city constraints. The enchantment happened at the Tree House, nestled in nature just north of Montreal, where Cowgirl Radio captures the thrill of freedom under the open sky.