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  1. What We Have
  2. Closely
  3. Over Me
  4. Keep It To Yourself
  5. Into You
  6. Out of Touch
  7. Graceless
  8. The Story of Eva
  9. Great Green Eyes
  10. Nous sommes
  11. Anymore
Release Info
  • Release DateNovember 13th, 2020
  • CatalogBONAL077
  • LabelBonsound
  • FormatDigital, CD, Vinyl
About the Release

Every song on Encounter, the new 11-track LP from Montreal singer-songwriter BEYRIES, tells a story. It’s through an unceasing commitment to songcraft – to melody, harmony and lyrics – with which Encounter describes with elegance and without pretense the earnest, fulfilling connections we make along the journey of life. Written entirely on a 1923 Heintzman & Co. family piano she recently restored and expanded with lush instrumentation, BEYRIES approached every day at her piano with the same fundamental principle of writing songs that carried themselves like true classics of her youth. And if they didn’t embody that timeless spirit – the type of song that could silence a room with awe – she would keep working at them. Encounter also asks and answers the important question that lingers in every songwriter: What’s your story? BEYRIES wanted to have something to say, because her stories haven’t been fully told yet. On Encounter, BEYRIES got in tune with herself to fully share her stories.

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