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Philippe B
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Philippe - nouvelle admin album - 2
Philippe - nouvelle admin album - 1
philippe b - single 2 guitare
Charlotte Rainville
philippe b - single 2 lunette soleil
Charlotte Rainville
philippe b - nouvelle admin - lunette claire
Charlotte Rainville
philippe b - nouvelle admin - lunette soleil
Charlotte Rainville

Philippe B is one of our most brilliant singer-songwriters. His precious and vibrant folk songs have been resonating on our music scene for over 15 years. The Abitibi-born singer-songwriter established the foundations of his repertoire on his first two albums, Philippe B (2005) and Taxidermie (2008), and then further honed in on his style on his third opus, Variations fantômes, in 2011. Enriched by the work of famous classical music composers, which he sampled with finesse and ingenuity, his sound grew in density with an orchestral backdrop that is both complex and refined.

Philippe B offered the logical continuation of Variations fantômes with Ornithologie, la nuit, a fourth album released in 2014, and then with La grande nuit vidéo three years later. All three releases were warmly welcomed by critics and the public, accumulating honors. Philippe B is now preparing to unveil his sixth album, Nouvelle administration. On this first new record in six years, he evokes with modesty and sensitivity the events that have transformed his life lately, notably becoming a father and leaving Montreal. Written, arranged, mixed and produced by Philippe B, Nouvelle administration will be released via Bonsound in May 2023.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Nominated at ADISQ 2017 for Folk Album of the Year and Critic's Choice Album of the Year (La grande nuit vidéo)
  • Nominated at the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards for French Songwriter of the Year
  • Nominated on the 2017 Polaris Prize Long List (La grande nuit vidéo)
  • Félix Award for Songwriter of the Year and Album cover of the Year at Gala de l'ADISQ 2014 and nominated for Album of the Year - Folk and Video of the Year for Calorifère
  • Nominated at the 2015 JUNO Awards for Francophone Album of the Year
  • Nominated at GAMIQ 2014 for Songwriter of the Year, Folk Album of the Year and Song of the Year
  • Nominated on the 2014 Polaris Prize Long List (Ornithologie, la nuit)
  • 2012 GAMIQ Award for Video of the Year for Petite leçon de ténèbres (directed by GPG)
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Press Quotes

Un artiste majeur.

Philippe Papineau, Le Devoir

Un des grands auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes québécois

Olivier Robillard-Laveaux, VOIR TV

[…] son meilleur album […] un disque important. (La grande nuit vidéo).

Philippe Renaud, ICI Première

Y’a beaucoup de beauté au pied carré sur cet album-là (La grande nuit vidéo). […] C’est magnifique.

Katerine Verebely, ICI Première

Philippe B nous a mitonné avec La Grande nuit vidéo quelque chose de singulièrement exquis. […] le mûr Rouynorandien complète son «Big Three» amorcé en 2011 avec Variations Fantômes. Après la consécration, l’apothéose.

Nicolas Roy, HuffPost QC

La beauté scintille assurément de mille et un éclats dans cette Grande nuit vidéo. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Valérie Lessard, Le Droit