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July 11th, 2024

Inuktitut in the running for the Polaris Music Prize!

June 21st, 2024

Elisapie releases a Taima song for National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 18th, 2024

Claudia Bouvette unveils new single CALL ME BACK !

Claudia Bouvette
June 14th, 2024

Elisapie, recently honoured on a Canada Post stamp, announces Montréal, Toronto, New York City and Vancouver dates

June 13th, 2024

Virginie B announces the release of her sophomore album

Virginie B
June 12th, 2024

Our artists on the Polaris Prize Long List!

June 6th, 2024

Virginie B returns with Hyperboi, a quirky pop banger

Virginie B
May 24th, 2024

Joe Rocca releases Hybride, his sophomore solo album

Joe Rocca
May 22nd, 2024

Joe Rocca reveals new song Blues de Jeans two days before the release of his second album Hybride

Joe Rocca
May 16th, 2024

Les Breastfeeders are back with the rock n’ roll earworm Les pieds chez toi

Les Breastfeeders
April 29th, 2024

Täbï Yösha takes home the award for Musical Revelation of the Year at Gala Dynastie

Täbï Yösha
April 26th, 2024

Corridor's new album Mimi is out now!

April 25th, 2024

Täbï Yösha shares a remix of Loving You With a Broken Heart by Dogzout

Täbï Yösha
April 23rd, 2024

Corridor unveils the song Jump Cut with an enthralling music video, a few days before the release of their new album Mimi on Friday

April 19th, 2024

Champion celebrates the 20th anniversary of Chill 'Em All with the first vinyl edition and announces new shows with his G-Strings

DJ Champion
April 19th, 2024

Population II’s new EP Serpent Échelle is out now

Population II
April 18th, 2024

Joe Rocca shares R&B ballad Amours et Contradictions and announces the release of Hybride, his sophomore solo album

Joe Rocca
April 17th, 2024

Population II unveils Comme tu le souhaites (Ding Dong) two days before the release of their new EP Serpent Échelle

Population II
April 11th, 2024

Virginie B pays an irresistible tribute to femininity on hana

Virginie B
April 5th, 2024

Annie-Claude Deschênes releases LES MANIÈRES DE TABLE, her debut album

Annie-Claude Deschênes

Laurence-Anne enchants us with Flores, a new single in Spanish

Today, Laurence-Anne unveils Flores, her second song to be written entirely in Spanish. Following Polymorphe and Politesse, this is the third single from her upcoming album, Oniromancie, which will be released on September 8th via Bonsound.

Composed during the writing process for Musivision, Flores’ instrumental framework exudes an aura of mystery through its layers of ethereal synthesizers and prominent bass line. The lyrics are repeated like an incantation, giving the impression that Laurence-Anne is casting a white magic spell.

The song may be interpreted as a form of feminine empowerment, a reassuring inner voice that shrugs off male adversity. Flores is about the moment when you face yourself in the mirror and call your inner strength to give you the courage to act, to get out of toxic situations. The constant battle between your two selves, the emotional and the rational, explains Laurence-Anne. Flowers are presented as a metaphor for human beings, who are capable of concealing a powerful poison beneath their deceptive beauty.

This spring, Laurence-Anne toured the UK to play at several festivals, including Wide Days (Scotland), Liverpool Sound City (England) and Focus Wales, as well as a concert in London. Her two previous singles were broadcast on some of the country's most influential radio stations, including BBC Radio 6 and BBC Scotland. The singer-songwriter will present her new album to audiences in Montreal and Quebec City this fall, with album launch shows at La Sala Rossa (as part of POP Montreal) and the Pantoum, respectively. She will also be supporting the electro-pop duo Milk & Bone for a few dates this fall and next winter. See the list below for all upcoming show dates.

Tour dates
08/07/2023 Saint-Paulin, QC - Aux berges du lac au Castor (Double bill with VioleTT Pi)
15/09/2023 Pont-Rouge, QC - Moulin Marcoux ○
16/09/2023 Sherbrooke, QC - Théâtre Granada ○
22/09/2023 Frelighsburg, QC - Beat & Betterave ○
28/09/2023 Montréal, QC - Sala Rossa (POP Montréal) ●
30/09/2023 Québec, QC - Le Pantoum ●
03/12/2023 Gatineau, QC - Le Minotaure (Double bill with Bibi Club)
09/12/2023 Mont-Tremblant, QC - L'Église du Village ○
02/02/2024 Terrebonne, QC - Le Moulinet ○
03/02/2024 Cowansville, QC - Espace Diffusion ○
15/03/2024 Saint-Félicien, QC - Salle Azimut du Cégep de St-Félicien
16/03/2024 Alma, QC - Café du Clocher

○ Supporting Milk & Bone
Oniromancie album launch