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Sophia Bel unveils new single, Voyage Astral

Montreal-based artist, singer, and producer Sophia Bel is back with the single Voyage Astral. The Michigan born artist is more introspective on this new song that follows the release of her “spine tingling ghosting anthem” You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost.

Co-produced by Bel and CRi (known for his collaborations with Charlotte Cardin and Milk & Bone), Voyage Astral is the second release on Bonsound - a kaleidoscopic collage of warped rhythms and haunting woodwind accompaniments. The new track is accompanied by a self-directed video shot with a tiny digital camera from the aughts. Shifting between soft pastel hues, the video is a glowing patchwork of vibrant colours and textures - projecting Sophia into the centre of this pulsing dreamworld.

Watch and share the video for Voyage Astral via YouTube.

Voyage Astral is an introspective exploration, challenging what we think we know, Sophia explains. I was inspired by the mystery of human consciousness and our connection with the universe. Sometimes we have to dive into our past lives to evolve and I wanted to explore this idea in a light and playful way. For the first time, the words came to me in French. It was a pleasure to have Félix Bélisle from Choses Sauvages’ expressive voice and smooth flute on this song!

Voyage Astral is available now on all music services.
It is the 2nd single off Bel’s upcoming Princess of the Dead Vol.2 EP, out in November.

Sophia Bel
Voyage Astral