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Sophia Bel
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Félixe Delavaud
Jean-François Sauvé
sophia bel - no sleep
Félixe Delavaud
sophia bel - shades of blue - main
Jean-François Sauvé
Sophia - Clown 1
William Arcand
sophia bel - anxious - option 2
William Arcand
sophia bel - anxious - main
William Arcand
sophia bel - lonely - option 2
William Arcand
sophia bel - lonely - main
William Arcand

Under Sophia Bel’s shy demeanor and delicate voice lies a warm, colorful and playful world waiting to be discovered. Born in Michigan to a Québécois dad and a Dutch-American mom, Sophia has always found her path through music, whether it be singing '90s classics when she was younger or writing eclectic, catchy songs. Bullied at school because of her looks, Sophia found comfort in dreaming of a future life with a career in music. After taking the time to figure out what kind of music she wanted to create, Bel returned to her roots, heavily influenced by the refreshing pop of the early 2000s, emo-rock and pop-punk of the time on the album Anxious Avoidant in May 2022. A few months later, Sophia released a deluxe edition of the album featuring six previously unreleased songs.

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Awards & Recognition
  • Nominated in the category Pop Album of the Year for Anxious Avoidant Deluxe, GAMIQ (2023)
  • Winner in the category Francophone Artist of the Year, Jim Beam Indies Awards (2023)
  • Nominated in the category Pop EP of the Year for Princess of the Dead, Vol. II, GAMIQ (2021)
Press Quotes

If you’re looking for a mix of Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears or enjoy current artists like Soccer Mommy, [Bel] is definitely right up your alley.


[...] an extraordinarily qualifying debut album. 4.5/5


Bel has heartbroken bangers for every occasion and relatable anthems for sad people of all ages.


Elle a une maîtrise impressionnante des codes de la pop, mais surtout de la pop/punk.

Marissa Groguhé, ICI Première

[...] un singulier album pop dont le plaisir croît avec l’usage. 3.5/5

Le Devoir

Sophia Bel brings me back to listening to Avril Lavigne and Liz Phair on the school bus, and honestly, I am living for it.

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ManagementAlissa Faratro