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Sophia Bel releases Princess of The Dead, Vol. II and unveils a video clip for the song No More

Princess of the Dead, Vol. II sees the Montreal singer and producer assert herself and explore an even wider range of styles and genres through a nostalgic lens. Along with the EP, Sophia unveils a JF Suavé-directed video for the song No More - a devastatingly dark fantasy, delving even deeper into the unique universe she’s created. The accompanying visuals crackle and jolt with supernatural energy, bolts of lightning slicing across the jagged surface. Embracing her royal title as ‘Princess Of The Dead’, Sophia reigns supreme.

Based in Montreal, Sophia has always been slightly out of step with her surroundings. Ushering in her project with her “spine tingling ghosting anthem” You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost and the kaleidoscopic Voyage Astral, Sophia rounds off the EP with No More, revealing an intense and captivating journey.

Not afraid to cover vastly different sonic territory with every release, Bel focuses on capturing the right feeling in that moment. For her, pop is more an aesthetic to pull from than a goal to achieve. She plucks from a diverse array of musical styles to assemble her unique, rich soundscape, which mixes underground electronic music, skater punk, guitar folk, and even Quebecois hippie music.

In Sophia Bel’s world, clichés are ripe for deconstructing.